Born to be liquorice.

This is what liquorice factories should really be like

Kouvola liquorice has been produced in an uncompromising manner since 1945. The flavour is born out of the traditional production method, the right people, a polished recipe, armfuls of love and a supply chain that guarantees the freshness of every liquorice bite.

Kouvola liquorice is a manual craft. Even today, we value the traditions of liquorice production and we prepare our delicacies using traditional methods – this means cooking in an open pot by real people. It is a matter of heart to our liquorice masters that the production processes of today’s unique production technology are passed from one generation to another.

We have produced liquorice in the same manner since 1945 but the recipe was amended slightly in 1960. This was done by the English gentleman consultant and liquorice specialist, H. Knoch. The flavour was an instant hit among tasters and our liquorice has been made with the recipe amended by Mr. Knoch since then.

The freshness of our liquorice is a matter of pride to us. This is why we make sure that our delivery times are as short as possible. Liquorice departs our factory almost immediately after it’s made and that makes for a soft flavour!

One of the most important ingredients of the tastiest liquorice in the universe is the unique liquorice extract, made exclusively for us, that is also well suited for cooking both for creative gastronomists and ordinary household cooks alike.
Oh yes, we do make marmalade as well, with the same love for sweets as we make liquorice.

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